Kathleen? You mean “Shae”?

Of course, SHAE wasn’t always a brand. At one point, way back when, Shae was just a girl getting her hair braided by her older sister, Kathleen. It was moments like these that sparked a lifelong passion for styling hair. 

For years, the sisters bonded over braids and buns and bouncing curls. All the way up until Kathleen went off to college in pursuit of a Marketing degree. Even a thousand miles away from where it all started, Kathleen continued cutting, dying, and styling hair. While in college, she earned the reputation of being her dorm’s private stylist, which was a perfect fit. She always loved making things look beautiful in a creative and artistic way, but it wasn’t until after graduating college that Kathleen fully embraced her passion. Realizing she could have a career doing what she truly loved, Kathleen enrolled herself in hair school. 

In the 7 years since she began her professional career, Kathleen has worked with renowned stylists and celebrities alike. At the end of the day though, it’s not the glamour of the job that fuels her passion, but the real impact she makes in her clients’ lives. Watching someone rediscover their self-image is a deeply rewarding experience.

A person's relationship with their hair is more than just physical. It's a reflection of who they are, and how they feel about themselves. For many people, their relationship with their appearance is fraught with feelings of insecurity and self-criticism, or mental health issues like stress or depression. By creating an opportunity for her clients to establish a positive visual connection with themselves, Kathleen helps them feel a sense of belonging and self-love.

Seeing that she could make a positive difference in the world, Kathleen set out to inspire confidence on a larger scale. Using her experience to perfect her design, she created a product that could uplift anyone, anywhere. Memorializing the luscious locks that kindled her passion, Kathleen named her brand SHAE.

In the weeks before SHAE launched, Kathleen became a mother. Even with all the joys of new parenthood, this was an especially difficult time as she suffered from postpartum anxiety. 

Kathleen turned to self-care as an outlet for her emotions, but she also used SHAE's brand purpose as a reminder of why she was doing all this in the first place: to help people feel better about themselves.

SHAE Hair is a tool to empower confidence and beauty. It's the first step in a new way of thinking. A way of looking at your hair as an expression of your individuality, not just a covering for your head.

Everyone deserves to feel beautiful, confident and empowered. SHAE gives people more options to express their true selves - whatever that may be.