What is Remy hair?
Remy hair is the finest quality of hair because all of the cuticles are kept aligned and in tact in the natural direction it grew. This ensures the hair is soft smooth and less likely to tangle.

How many grams are the hair extensions?
Both the 18” and 22” are 180g.

Is the hair ethically sourced?
Yes! This is something we take very seriously, so you can take pride in knowing that nothing and no one was harmed in the making of your SHAE extensions.

Is it 100% human hair?
Yes! All of SHAE's products are made of 100% real Remy human hair.

Can I use heat on the hair?
Yes! Since it is 100% human hair, you can put heat on it. We suggest not using heat any higher than 360 degrees.

Can I color the hair ?
While going slightly darker shouldn’t be a problem, we don’t recommend any kind of lightening to the hair, as bleaching agents can cause severe damage—just like with your own hair. For any kind of color treatment, always do a test strand first, and remember that extensions will absorb color faster than regular hair, so a little goes a long way.

How often should I wash the hair ?
Only when you feel it is truly necessary! Since hair extensions don’t have the natural oils coming from your scalp, over washing them could dry them out. Use a sulfate-free shampoo and hydrating conditioner and hang dry for best results.

What is your return/ exchange policy?
If you need to return or exchange your extensions, you have 30 days to return your product for a 100% refund. Just send back the wefts in the original, unopened packaging along with the test weft provided. We do not accept returns that indicate any tampering with the hair or packaging.

Other Hair Care Maintenance Tips & Instructions
We’ve worked hard to create top quality, long-lasting extensions. Maintaining a proper care routine is crucial to preserving your SHAE extensions’ top-notch quality and look. When brushing your extensions, be sure to brush gently from the ends up to prevent tangling. Avoid any form of tugging and pulling as this can cause breakage or loosen your extensions. While you can use a variety of products on your extensions, stick to gentle and/or all-natural products that do not contain any sulfates or parabens—we recommend an occasional moisturizing mask since your extensions don’t receive oils from your scalp like your natural hair would. Wash only when necessary and try to avoid excessive heat use to prevent dryness and maintain the extensions’ beautiful texture. Remember, SHAE extensions are made with 100% real Remy human hair, so treat them with even more delicate care than you do your own.

When not in use, either wrap and store them in the silk bag to prevent tangling, or hang them. For a detailed guide of exactly how to care for your SHAE hair, refer to our haircare page.