Hair Care & Maintenance

In order to keep your SHAE Hair looking fresh and silky, proper hair care is ESSENTIAL. The SHAE team has worked hard to ensure your extensions are the highest quality possible so you can look and feel your best. However, prolonging your SHAE hair extensions’ lifespan is up to you! 

Our extensions are ethically sourced and made with 100% real Remy human hair, so you should treat them with even more delicate care than you do your own. To make this high quality hair last as long as possible, we have composed a fool-proof haircare guide below that will answer all of your questions. 


Brushing your extensions can prevent shedding and help ensure that your hair stays smooth and tangle-free, if done properly. To prevent breakage and prolong the lifespan of your hair, here’s a few brushing tips:

  • Brush your SHAE hair when dry, as wet hair is more prone to breakage.
  • Start at the ends and gradually make your way up to the top. Gently comb through any knots before moving up the length of the section. Harsh tugging will damage the structural integrity of the clips, as well as the hair itself
  • Be extra gentle when brushing your extensions while they are clipped in, especially around the top of the wefts, as you don’t want to pull at the clips.  
  • Regularly brush your SHAE hair after use.


Since hair extensions are not moisturized through a natural hydration source like your real hair, excessive washing can cause dryness. Generally, the less you wash your extensions, the longer they will last. However, when you feel it is necessary, you may wash your extensions. For best results, we recommend using a sulfate-free shampoo and hydrating conditioner. As always, remain gentle with your extensions; avoid harsh scrubbing when you are washing.  After washing, hang your extensions to air dry.  NEVER rub them with a towel, and remember to avoid brushing while wet! 

Styling With Heat

SHAE extensions are made with 100% human hair, so you can use heat on them when styling. But keep in mind, just like your natural hair, extensions are susceptible to heat damage. Using a heat protectant spray prior to heat application and using a low heat setting can help prevent damage to your extensions and prolong their lifespan.  We recommend using heat no higher than 360 degrees on your SHAE hair.  


Because SHAE hair offers many color options for your hair, we recommend avoiding coloring your extensions. Doing so can reduce the quality of your hair texture. If you do dye your hair extensions, we strongly advise against lightening your hair extensions, as bleaching agents will cause severe damage. For any kind of color treatment, always do a test strand first and remember that extensions will absorb color faster than regular hair.

Product Use

Another important aspect of hair aftercare is using the right products. Heavy hair products, such as hair sprays and hair gels, contain chemicals that will dry hair extensions, so try to stay away from them. We encourage the use of gentle, all natural products on your extensions- specifically products without sulfates or parabens. Since your extensions don’t receive oils from your scalp, we recommend an occasional moisturizing mask to fight dryness and maintain a shiny and healthy look. 


After you complete proper hair aftercare, your extensions need to be stored with equal consideration. Proper storage is crucial to keeping your hair silky smooth. When your SHAE hair is not in use, be sure to snap all clips shut before storing. Ideally, you would wrap, or hang, the wefts in a silk bag or storage case. Your extensions should be completely dry and tucked away from direct sunlight in a cool, dry place.

Thing To Stay Away From

  • Vigorous brushing or washing 
  • Bleaching or lightening products
  • Saltwater or chlorinated water 
  • Excessive UV rays
  • Showering with hair extensions in
  • Applying heat higher than 360 F
  • Heavy and or sticky hair products